Axxomovies Avengers: Endgame Free Online

Writed by Jim Starlin
cast Mark Ruffalo
director Joe Russo
Audience Score 705072 vote
Genre Sci-Fi

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Whaaaat? Time travel? Really? No way I saw ‘this’ coming. Except, I did. Oh no, Ironman and Black Widow are dead. Boohoo! Except nobody ever DIES in these movies (like the Red Skull-cough cough. They’ll be brought back by some sort cloning technology or with some weird voodoo magic. or time travel. It worked for Deadpool after all. The avengers literally couldn’t go on any further. I mean the violence kind of escalated when they destroyed a city, then a small country, then a planet and finally the entire universe! You can’t trump that! Although. Buffy the vampire slayer did save the multiverse. Was it just me or did Dr Strange gave the audience the literal finger towards the end? He did but this movie is PG13 so it wasn’t that finger. Like everyone else who has a modicum of intelligence I too thought Thanos’s motive was moronic as well as it was dumb. Try to follow my reasoning. He snaps his fingers and half the Universe’s population is gone. What are the survivors going to do? Hmmm? The most logical thing is they will just breed again and then we’re back to square one. We can’t just assume that all species have the same gestation period as humans do. An elephant for instance has the gestation period of about 22 months, a whale about 16 months, a horse about 12 months, and cat and dogs about 58 DAYS. What about rabbits and rats? Oh about 22 days. My point is some species will repopulate their losses in a matter of days depending on how advanced their technology is or how fertile they are (we have no idea how aliens do their funny business and we don’t want to know-just saying. So wiping out half the population isn’t going to solve anything, quite the contrary. Humans would take about thirty to forty years to repopulate. In the meantime, you’re going to have chaos and destruction following when people are suddenly disappearing when cars are suddenly crashing, planes are falling from the skies and nuclear reactors are going off or when nuclear silos are suddenly unguarded. All this would require more resources to be used to contain the chaos that would follow. Earth is tiny and we have limited resources, but the Universe has UNLIMITED resources! The Universe is very huge, LIKE HUMONGOUS HUGE! Any species that has mastered space technology can simply colonise an asteroid or planet and mine the heck out of it. Now, Thanos has a magic gauntlet which theoretically can give him whatever his giant heart desires. Even Thanos eventually acknowledges that his original plan is dumb and decides to recreate the Universe. Now THAT should have been his original plan. That I could understand. The Avengers used time travel to fix their problems. Sigh-this is literally the laziest writing ever. The first time he snapped his fingers and kills half the Universe’s population he becomes a gardener. A gardener! That is his endgame? Pointless genocide: check! Now I will go to my cucumber and tomato paradise: check! I wonder if Dr. Strange saw this in every one of his 14,000,605 outcomes and lost his mind. Did Dr Strange get so frustrated with all those versions ending up with Thanos gardening that he just gave up and gave him the stone? Why didn’t Thanos dedicate himself to botany instead of being a warlord? I bet that by 14,000,606 it was the first time that it didn’t end up with Thanos ending up in his cucumber and tomato paradise. So Ironman died because of some vegetables. That one version that Dr Strange wanted. Now let’s talk about a geriatric Captain America (how did the writers come up this. Captain America goes back in time to be with the love of his life. How charming! Except that it isn’t. He is a superhero with powers and knowledge of the future and the cold war and other really important stuff. Is he going to sit back while Hydra takes over SHIELD and destroys the very America he loves so much? What about Bucky who is being used as the Winter Soldier? I don’t know about you but the Cap I know wouldn’t just stand by and do nothing for 70 years. Hundreds of millions of dollars spent and twenty plus movies made just so Captain America could end up in a retirement home? No! Just no…

I thought this is the kind of movie that we forget real soon even if we burst into tears while watching it. I thought this is a movie based on comics without so much great meanings. I was 100 percent wrong. Every character, every person is something. It was a story since 2008 and it has been told for 11 years. I didn’t expect it to end now but now that I’ve watched it, every second of the movie is worth it. It is in the form of a story, but it is real. In some universe, this is happening and that universe is living prosper with a happy ending. Or, did it really end.

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Little long but is pretty cool, all the super hero’s were cool but not exactly sure where vision was.
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