Emi Martinez: Liverpool’s Resurgence Thanks to a Stellar No. 1

Emi Martinez: Liverpool’s Resurgence Thanks to a Stellar No. 1

Except for the obvious few, this list will feature goalkeepers who stood out during recent games. It is going to be based on save ratios with xG per match taken into consideration.

Manchester City’s Ederson is hard to defeat. His performance during their intense Champions League shootout win against Barcelona showed his exemplary performance.

  1. Tim Krul

His style isn’t as glamorous like some of his rivals but he’s certainly one of the top shot-stoppers in Europe. He was on the field for one of the shootouts and helped to save two penalties, which helped Chelsea claim the Champions League in 2012.

Krul performed admirably in Norwich’s struggle to avoid relegation during the season before, and is now back to form by securing a 0-0 draw against Brighton. He stopped four times against the Seagulls. He could be included in the starting XI at Luton the following weekend.

Mike Maignan makes those otherworldly saves that everyone think is coming in, but it’s not. He kept 21 clean sheets as LOSC Lille won the Ligue 1 title. His distribution is superb too. He’s one of the top goalkeepers worldwide currently.

  1. Emi Martinez

Even though he’s prone to the odd mistake – which goalkeeper wouldn’t be? The Liverpool goalie of the moment is an essential part of the club’s resurgence in recent times. He’s a fantastic shot-stopper but he’s also great at starting attacks with moves from behind.

He was a crucial player when the Colchoneros made deep runs in multiple UEFA Champions League campaigns over the last few seasons, winning three of those finals. It’s not a flashy goalkeeper, instead preferring to read the flow of play rather than thinking about a different way of doing things early on.

It’s hard to imagine that he’ll be on the same level as some soccer’s best goalie players however his consistency has allowed him to gain not the level that many would have expected. He’s 2nd in Europe for post-shot expected goals minus Goals Allowed and is superb when one-onone. He was a big factor in Argentina’s surprising World Cup win. He’s also been a top player at the club level and has won twice FA Cups with Arsenal.

  1. Lukasz Fabianski

Lukasz Fabianski is among the goalkeepers with the greatest versatility in the world. The 6′ 7″ Belgian shut down some of the top strikers from Europe last season, including a pair of penalties from Lionel Messi, as he led Real Madrid to their 14th Champions League title.

He also put on an impressive show for Poland at the 2021 FIFA World Cup, helping their team win shootouts in the semis and final match against Spain and England in the respective finals.

Following his departure from Arsenal, Leno has built a successful career at Fulham and has helped the club reach an impressive 10th place on the Premier League. Leno can be described as the Jekyll and Hyde player, however, and has both dazzling levels and puzzlingly lows from time to time.

  1. Timo Krul

Despite a rough season during the previous year, Krul is rated among the top goalkeepers in the world and will likely make an impact for Luton this season. Krul has the ability to play every game and has proven soccer live score that he is able to keep clean sheets while outperforming his xG.

He was an integral part in Barcelona’s title winning campaign and he continued to outperform his xG in all competitions during this season. Even at his age The German is now a more sophisticated and more imposing goalie. He even stopped climate protesters from nailing themselves to the goal posts during the recent German international matches.

at the end of morning, Jan Oblak is a skilled shot stopper that does what’s required of him. He is well-positioned, directs the always-solid Atleti defense, and in the event that something happens to get through, he puts it out of it. These are the characteristics that make a good goalie. The goalkeeper is a little unlucky to be unable to claim the best spot thanks to Atleti’s stellar overall performance.

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